This sidebar navigation is very common in modern web design. Notice that it is just an unordered (bulleted) list that has special properties assigned using CSS.

You can change the links above to web pages that you like to visit or to topics that interest you.

Welcome to My First Web Page

This is a sample file that you can use to explore the way that HTML and CSS work together to provide the content on the page (in the HTML tags) and the styling and positioning applied with classes and IDs defined by CSS rules.

As you examine the code notice how logical names are used to describe different elements of the design. By switching to Split view in Dreamweaver you can see the code that makes all of this happen.

Make It Your Own!

My photoAfter you've had a chance to look into the code for this page you can begin to experiment with Dreamweaver and make changes to this document. Don't worry if you make a mistake or things aren't clear at this point! You'll be learning all about Dreamweaver and how web pages are made soon enough.

For now, have fun and find out the things that make perfect sense (yay!) and the things that make you scratch your head.

My Achievements

Here are a few things about me that make me proud:

My Goals

It's a great big life! Time to make some Great Big Plans!

  1. My first goal is to do this.
  2. The second thing I want to achieve.
  3. Something else I'm interested in doing.
My Class Schedule
Period Class
1st Hour Language Arts
2nd Hour Science
3rd Hour Math
4th Hour Web Design
5th Hour Graphic Design
6th Hour Phys. Ed.