Web Projects

Web Design/Development has been a passion for me for years. I love digging into code to create something real from lines of text.

All of these projects were made in plain text on OS X or Linux. I always prefer to be in the code, rather than an editor.

I am a co-admin and front-end developer for Cheerful Ghost, a community site for people who love video games. The creator was looking for a new design, and I was happy to oblige.

The back-end is in Ruby on Rails, but nearly all of my work for this project was the front-end. This is using heavily customized Bootstrap, with some custom jQuery for a few tasks.

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The Galax Running Club is, as the name would suggest, a local club for runners in and around Galax, VA. If you like to run or walk, think you may like to start running, or just support someone who runs, this group is for you!

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Fakestop is an interface exercise I did that re-creates the game sales of GameStop. It uses a custom Bootstrap theme that matches all of GameStop's colors and some design choices. It also uses some custom jQuery for the main carousel and some of the checkout processing.

As it's only an interface exercise, not all the nav elements are functional-- only 'All Games', 'XBox One', 'PS4', 'PC', and the cart controls. Refining your selection is also non-functional.

The back-end is PHP and MySQL. The cart process is handled in another table for simplicity, though in a real-world scenario it would be handled in a user session.

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The first version of this site, built for a web design class. I built the site from the ground up, without any frameworks, etc.

This version was retired in my last semester, as we were working with Bootstrap heavily, and I was inspired to do a total redesign.

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This was a project for a web design class. I created a simple site for a fake Web Design company called Border Radius Design.

In addition to the individual pages, this one also has a dynamic homepage, with content that slides in and out, with only HTML5 and CSS3.

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This was a project for a web design class. I created a repository for all the great, free, and non-restrictive resources I've found for various projects, with an explanation of the licenses for each resource

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