On this page you'll find many projects I've completed at NRCC, with information about how each was made. This page will be updated with more projects as I progress through the curriculum. Please use the links above to toggle between different courses.

Web Design I Projects

In this class, we are usually armed with nothing more than a text editor, coding HTML 5 and CSS by hand, to design web sites from scratch. The book takes us from the very basics to more advanced techniques.

Pacific Trails Resort

Pacific Trails

Pacific Trails Resort is a resort on California's north coast. We have been using this resort as a case study throughout the semester.

We followed this project in every chapter, adding more and more styling and content to it as we learned more about HTML5 and CSS. We just finished this project off with a reservation form and media on the home page.

Project 1 - LIBREsources


In my first portfolio project, I created a repository for all the great, free, and non-restrictive resources I've found for Web and Flash projects, with an explanation of the licenses you'll find at each resource.

Project 2 - Border Radius Design


The second portfolio project is a website for a fake web design company. Once I'm out of school, I'd like to work for a design company, but I'd also like to have my own small web business on the side, so this was a bit of an intro to making my own company site.

In addition to the individual pages, this one also has a dynamic homepage, with content that slides in and out, with only HTML5 and CSS3.

Movie Fan Page - Gravity

Gravity Fan Page

This was a project from earlier in the semester, where we picked one of our favorite movies and designed a fan page for it with images and information. Later, I made a fancier version of it with more advanced techniques.

Original version

Web Jobs - UX Designer/Developer